The Post About Confidence

After 21 years on this planet, I can confidently and truthfully say   I love myself. Though the journey to self love wasn't easy, but it was definitely worthwhile. Growing up, I always considered myself an outcast- I always wished I was better looking, skinnier, dressed better, not "weird", etc. This constant feeling of not... Continue Reading →


7 Things College Taught Me

As the first week of my senior year comes to an end, I have reflected on the 3 years I have already completed. I've came to the realization that I am almost nothing like 18 year old Shalayna who set foot on my freshman quad 3 years ago. As a student pursuing my bachelors degree,... Continue Reading →

Hit or Miss

I, Shalayna, am not interested. Well, maybe I am a little bit. At this current stage in my life, I do come in contact with a few good-looking men here and there, but I never feel like they are people I would consider "building" with. I can spot a guy from a distance at a... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for the Newly Natural

This past Saturday, myself as well a few friends of mine had the pleasure to experience an event called CurlFest for the first time- a festival sponsored by a good number of brands promoting healthy and happy natural curls. My freshman year over Thanksgiving break I got my first bantu knot out done on my... Continue Reading →

The Talking Stage

"Do you have a boyfriend?" No, but I talk to somebody. "Is that your boyfriend?" No, but we talk. I was probably in high school when I first heard of the "talking stage"- which I can best define as a period of time where you are consistently hanging out with a guy or girl that... Continue Reading →


"You're back for the summer right?" Yes. I have one more year. "What are you majoring in?" Communications with a minor in French. "Oh what do you wanna do with that?" Well I'm thinking of working in the Public Relations/Marketing field. Maybe Advertising. I also want to do some freelance writing, maybe freelance graphic design,... Continue Reading →

Your Man is My Man

This past Friday, SZA released her album entitled Ctrl. SZA has always been one of my favorite artists ever since I was introduced to her album Z my freshman year of college. I always found myself relating to many of her songs and her beautiful voice put the icing on the cake. However, when I listening to her... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Ambivert

ambivert noun:am·bi·vert \ˈam-bi-ˌvərt\ :  a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert - Merriam- Webster      I've always considered myself an extroverted person in elementary school- I loved talking to people, and making new friends was never really a problem for me. I could talk anyone's ear off with constant questions of curiosity... Continue Reading →

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